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Basic functions: Belief and Plausibility

\[Bel(A)=\sum_{S\subseteq A} m(S)\]

\[Pl(A)=\sum_{S \cap A \neq \emptyset} m(S)\]

Basic funtions: combination


Available software

Link Language Author Comments
TBM MATLAB Philippe Smets TBM, FMT
Software R and MATLAB Thierry Denœux Clustering, Distance-based Classification, Approximation
iBelief R Kuang Zhou and Arnaud Martin Some basic functions to implement belief functions.
Belief Package R Sébastien Destercke Some basic functions to deal with discrete belief functions.
pyds Python Thomas Reineking A Python library for performing calculations in the Dempster-Shafer theory of evidence.


New software based on GPU

  • Compute the functions in parallel

Why Python?

  • Google Collab

Execution time



piece of code in python

import numpy as np
import math
a = x + c


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